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January 2023 Web Web Server Research Study


In the January 2023 research study we got responses from 1,132,268,801 sites throughout 270,967,923 unique domain, along with 12,156,700 web-facing computer system systems. This mirrors a gain of 6,894,269 sites, nevertheless a loss of 270,799 domain along with 77,725 computer system systems.

Within the leading million busiest sites, Cloudflare has really jumped from 3rd to 1st location– exceeding both Apache along with nginx in a singular month– its market share boosted by 0.56 pp along with presently stands at 21.64%. Together With Apache (21.40%) along with nginx (21.20%), the leading 3 web servers power almost two-thirds of the leading million busiest sites.

Cloudflare’s journey to the top of the million busiest sites stats began in the February 2021 Web Web Server Research Study, when we started tracking it individually from nginx to reveal Cloudflare’s detailed usage internal developments. At the time of this split, Cloudflare was presently the 3rd most used within the leading million busiest sites, having really exceeded Microsoft in March 2019. In September 2022, Cloudflare presented its alternative of nginx with Pingora, a new internal HTTP proxy.

Cloudflare was developed in 2009 along with launched freely in 2010. Its core option is a product delivery network which rests in between end-users along with websites, offering boosted performance by caching web material along with using optimised courses throughout the Web.

It broadened quickly, with its core option provided complimentary of charge along with with charitable bandwidth constraints. In 2014 it launched Universal SSL, offering open door to HTTPS for sites using Cloudflare. Business went public in 2019. It has really relieved a few of the greatest denial-of-service attacks ever prior to observed on the web: most simply recently a 2.5 Tbps attack targeting a web server for the video game Minecraft in 2022.

Nonetheless, its advancement has really not did not have disputes. Its web material nonpartisanship strategy has really been criticised, with it offering option to cybercriminals along with sites having hate speech along with reactionary web material. In 2017 a barrier overflow in Cloudflare’s code activated individual information from a small percent of needs, such as confirmation signs, to be leaked.

Over the last couple of years, Cloudflare’s offering has really increased along with it presently handles cloud computer system titans Web Solutions, Google Cloud along with Microsoft Azure in areas such as serverless computer system, object storage area along with looked after information sources

Cloudflare has really in addition seen consistent advancement in different other metrics in January: throughout all sites, Cloudflare saw the greatest advancement, with an increase of 9.3 million sites (+9.07%) along with 473,405 domain (+1.82%).

Google had the second greatest advancement amongst all sites, with a gain of 0.33 million sites (+0.63%), 37,483 domain (+1.46%). OpenResty saw a decrease of 419,469 sites (-0.45%) along with 571,662 domain (-1.45%), nevertheless an increase of 8,608 computer system systems (+4.83%).

nginx saw advancement in sites along with domain for the extremely very first time since August 2022, with an increase of 311,521 sites (+0.11%) along with 527,542 domain (+0.79%), nevertheless still shed 23,344 computer system systems (-0.49%). Apache saw a decrease throughout all metrics, shedding 1.9 million sites (-0.81%), 900,956 domain (-1.52%) along with 51,758 computer system systems (-1.53%).

Provider Details

  • Apache Tomcat variations 9.0.70 along with 10.1.4 were released in December, which include bugfixes along with files improvements.
  • LiteSpeed Web Web Server 6.1 was released on 9th January 2023. The LiteSpeed Web Web server 6.1 stream provides support for the PROXY treatment. This is the preliminary consistent launch for this variation stream; it includes many improvements along with options since the previous launch possibility.
  • lighttpd 1.4.68 was released on 3rd January 2022, including strengthened defaults for TLS, many bugfixes along with removal of some deprecated qualities.
  • nginx 1.23.3 was released on 13th December 2022, having bugfixes.
  • Oracle opened a new cloud location in Chicago on 15th December 2022.
Total number of websites
Web server market share
Designer December 2022 Percent January 2023 Percent Modification
nginx 295,366,783 26.25% 295,678,304 26.11% -0.13
Apache 235,541,408 20.93% 233,636,177 20.63% -0.30
Cloudflare 102,829,746 9.14% 112,159,331 9.91% 0.77
OpenResty 92,711,293 8.24% 92,291,824 8.15% -0.09
Web server market share for active sites
Designer December 2022 Percent January 2023 Percent Modification
Apache 42,605,725 21.29% 42,130,966 20.76% -0.53
nginx 38,680,495 19.33% 38,926,019 19.18% -0.14
Cloudflare 21,112,761 10.55% 23,424,225 11.54% 0.99
Google 19,613,437 9.80% 21,000,053 10.35% 0.55

For more information see Energetic Sites

Designer December 2022 Percent January 2023 Percent Modification
Cloudflare 210,793 21.08% 216,403 21.64% 0.56
Apache 215,856 21.59% 214,022 21.40% -0.18
nginx 212,487 21.25% 212,049 21.20% -0.04
Microsoft 53,669 5.37% 52,143 5.21% -0.15
Web server market share for computers
Designer December 2022 Percent January 2023 Percent Modification
nginx 4,725,376 38.62% 4,700,609 38.67% 0.05
Apache 3,376,519 27.60% 3,322,386 27.33% -0.27
Microsoft 1,294,875 10.58% 1,271,547 10.46% -0.12
Web server market share for domains
Designer December 2022 Percent January 2023 Percent Modification
nginx 72,860,880 26.86% 73,433,422 27.10% 0.24
Apache 59,326,626 21.87% 58,425,670 21.56% -0.31
OpenResty 39,497,994 14.56% 38,926,332 14.37% -0.20
Cloudflare 25,951,223 9.57% 26,424,629 9.75% 0.18


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