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How to Set Up Virtualmin on CentOS 7/RHEL [Step by Step]


Virtualmin is an effective webhosting control board developed on top of webmin and deal comparable performances of cPanel and Plesk. It’s a best control board for those trying to find a complimentary cPanel option

Utilizing virtualmin, one can handle Apache virtual host, BIND DNS server, Mail server, database and more with its simple to utilize user interface.

It is a worthwhile option to cPanel or Plesk given that the administrative workflow is based upon root user, resellers or consumers.

It has both Open Source variation (GPL)/ totally free and business variation that you can pick from. Although the performances are nearly similar however the expert variations provides couple of more energies and assistance for it.

It is possible to set up virtualmin either by hand or by utilizing automatic installer script. In this post we will check out how to set up virtualmin in CentOS 7 utilizing the automated installer script.

In this action by action tutorial you will find out how to set up Virtualmin on Centos 7 VPS and setting up the server to make it protect and hacker evidence.


  • You require to have SSH gain access to with root or a sudo made it possible for user
  • The domain that you desire usage for virtualmin setup is indicating the general public IP of CentOS/RHEL 7 circumstances
  • For complete setup of Virtualmin, your CentOS 7 system need to have at least 2GB of RAM

Configure FQDN of the host

The initial step of setting up hostname is to alter the hostname of your system usage hostnamectl command. It does not need you to reboot the system given that hostnamectl will straight upgrade the kernel about modification in hostname.

 hostnamectl set-hostname virtualmin

Now modify the hosts file and include a line at the end. The format is IP_ADDRESS hostname.yourdomain hostname

 vi/ etc/hosts


. virtualmin

Run the following command to reboot network supervisor to use above modifications:

 systemctl reboot NetworkManager.service


 systemctl reboot network

Inspect the hostname and FQDN of the host:




. hostname- f 

Install Virtualmin

It is constantly advised to set up Virtualmin in a fresh server/VPS to prevent any dispute in the bundles. To begin with upgrade the system to make certain that you have all the current bundles set up.

 yum upgrade

Now that you have actually upgraded your Linux OS, all you require to do is download the installer script and perform the script to set up Virtualmin.

 cd/ tmp/

. wget
chmod u+ x


The command will initially alter the directory site to “tmp”, then it will download the script to that directory site, the next command i.e. “chmod u + x” appoints the authorization to perform and run the “” file.

The installer script will trigger you for a verification to continue with setup. Press ‘Y’ to continue. It will take couple of minutes to finish the setup and at the end the installer will supply you with an URL to login for the very first time.

Install Virtualmin - Success

The setup of virtualmin is finished. Now continue with setting up bundles and aspects of virtualmin according to your requirements. However prior to that, set up firewall software settings so that you can access virtualmin from public domain.

Configure Firewall Program

If you have actually made it possible for the default firewall software supervisor firewalld and is running in your Centos 7 box then open tcp port 10000 so that incoming traffic can reach virtualmin server. Utilize the following firewall-cmd to open the port no 10000 so that virtualmin is available from outdoors.

 firewall-cmd-- long-term-- zone= public-- add-port= 10000/tcp

firewall-cmd-- refill'

Post installation setup

Now that virtualmin has actually been set up effectively, point your preferred web internet browser to the Virtualmin URL that have actually been revealed at the end of the setup. There will be a SSL caution in the internet browser however neglect it for the time being and continue to the login page of virtualmin. You will be rerouted to the post setup wizard to finish the setup. It is likewise quite possible to cancel the post installation setup and utilize the default settings.

Install Virtualmin - Login

Log-in with root credential, you will be rerouted to publish setup wizard to finish the setup.

Click Beside begin the post installation setup.

install virtualmin centos

Pick ‘Yes’ to pre-load virtualmin libraries and e-mail domain lookup. This will result in increase in intake of main memory.

Pick either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for clamAV scanner. Keep in mind selecting yes will result in considerable usages of RAM of around 600 MB.

You will perhaps select to run SpamAssasin filter if you select a mail server otherwise selected ‘No’.

It is much better to run either MariaDB or PostGresql database server at this moment by selecting ‘Yes’.

Set a MySQL/MariaDB root password. Do not forget to tick override root MySQL password match.

install GPL (free) virtualmin on centos 7

You can assign more memory to MariaDB/MySQL database server for much better efficiency if it is readily available.

For DNS zone in virtualmin to be resolvable, supply the domain of main and secondary (optional) nameserver. Keep in mind the A record of domain need to indicate the general public IP address of virtualmin server.

For much better security of password, select the password storage mode as hashed however with this mode password healing of virtual server will not be possible.

Next select either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for setting up grub to allow XFS quotas.

Lastly click ‘Next’ to finish the post installation setup.

If you have actually effectively finished the Post Setup actions as discussed above you must be all set to get to the Virtualmin Control panel as revealed listed below.

Now, produce “Virtual Server” with primary domain to end up the setup.

install virtualmin centos


The virtualmin setup is total. You can now continue with setting up other aspects like developing users, setup mail boxes, and including servers, backup and bring back techniques and more. Likewise do not forget to check out the webmin area of the control board.

If you are trying to find totally free control board other then Virtualmin, you can check out cPanel options by click on this link


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