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Actions to increase the MySQL Data source performance on Plesk


Permit s see the treatment of fixing the performance of the MySQL information source in Plesk. Designate memory (RAM) to the MySQL web server (Make sure that you have enough RAM, in many cases enhancing the worths may affect the web server performance. Examine that you have enough RAM)

  1. By.
    using SSH, connect to the Plesk web server.
  2. Presently.
    open my.cnf or my.ini information that has the MySQL plan and likewise the information is.
    located at:

For CentOS/RHEL:/ etc/my. cnf

For Debian/Ubuntu:/ etc/mysql/my. cnf

  • Include.
    or increase the worths of the sticking to guidelines noted below the [mysqld] location.
 innodb_buffer_pool_size= 1024M
 query_cache_size= 64M
  • Conserve.
    the changes and likewise reboot the MySQL service

For CentOS/RHEL: # systemctl reboot.

For Debian/Ubuntu: # systemctl reboot mysqld

  • Maintain.
    track of your CPU usage If CPU usage starts to increase again, after that.
    analyze the SQL code of an information source with slow queries.
  • Find.
    queries that are running currently and likewise taking a long time when CPU usage is.
 # pleskdb program FULL PROCESSLIST
|12|admin|localhost|psa|Rest|6763|| SPACE|
|100|admin|localhost|psa|Concern|0|SPACE|EXPOSE FULL PROCESSLIST|
 2 rows in collection( 0.00 sec) 

Evaluate the/ var/log/mysqld. log state any kind of errors in MySQL. After that, analyze the RAM and likewise easily offered disk space:

 # free-h.

# df -h
  • You can figure out information sources that decrease MySQL performance by enabling the MySQL slow questions log.
  • Assess and likewise optimize every table in the information source. For Linux use the noted below command:
 # MYSQL_PWD = feline/ etc/psa/. psa.shadow mysqlcheck -uadmin optimize all-databases

Install and likewise run the MySQL Receiver gadget: mysqltuner. This gadget will definitely help to analyze the energetic MySQL web server situations and likewise advise improvements to modify the essential requirements.

Hope this helped you to increase the MySQL Data source performance on Plesk. For any kind of innovation help call right here Obtain Innovation Support

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