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WP Toolkit 6.2 Release Now Offered


Correct handling of alt-php in out-of-date PHP variation Cautions

Are you a WordPress user fighting with out-of-date PHP variations? You’re not alone. With PHP 7.4 currently EOLed and no security updates offered, and PHP 8.0 not supported by the ionCube loader utilized by some business plugins and styles, lots of people are discovering it hard to keep up to date. On top of that, lots of plugins are merely not suitable with PHP 8.1 yet, making it much more difficult to select the best variation.

Thankfully, there is a service that can assist WordPress users who are stuck to out-of-date PHP variations. The CloudLinux group is backporting security spots to older PHP variations, so their PHP handlers (alt-php) are really protected, even if they aren’t formally supported by the PHP group. This suggests that users can continue to utilize PHP 7.4 and still get the security updates they require.

Nevertheless, there’s a catch. WP Toolkit, our popular service for handling WordPress setups, thinks about PHP 7.4 to be EOLed and insecure no matter the handler. This suggests that if WP Toolkit identifies an EOLed PHP variation, it will alert users to upgrade their PHP variation. So, what can you do if you’re a WordPress user who wishes to remain on PHP 7.4 and still get security updates? The secret is to utilize a safe and secure PHP handler, like CloudLinux’s alt-php By utilizing this handler, you can guarantee that your WordPress website stays protected while still utilizing the PHP variation you choose.

Here’s how these cautions appear like:


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