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What is a GIF? – IONOS


The GIF visual design is short for Video Interchange Design along with is normally made use of for transferring photos such as short video. GIFs are generally made use of as a type of online interaction along with can furthermore work as a fascinating element when developing web websites.

GIF is a files or image design that sustains both repaired along with transferring photos (e.g. short video along with computer system animations). It was produced in 1987 by Steve Wilhite, an American designer along with computer system designer. Unlike different other designs, its shade mix is limited to merely 256 tones It can, nevertheless, be pushed without the high quality of the computer system animation or video being considerably affected.

There are different sorts of GIFs: Computer System Animated GIFs are made up of many structures, which are put together in a computer system animation. These computer system animations can be run as quickly as or duplicated continuously. If the series of photos is dipped into a rate that mirrors truth (i.e. without being sped up or reduced), it is referred to as a real-time GIF


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