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Turkmenistan VPS Holding By VisualWebTechnologies


VisualWebTechnologies mores than pleased to present that we are providing VPS Hosting that runs in Turkmenistan We currently have in fact still run in Turkmenistan that can be made use of for establishing a VPN option. Nevertheless listed below are a number of indicate keep in mind.

Q. Will these IPs operate totally?

  • No. As quickly as we allocate an operating IP to your VPS, we do not ensure for the length of time that IP will definitely operate as the Federal federal government in Turkmenistan is restricting IPs every numerous other hr.

Q. Precisely how do I acquire a VPS?

  • You can acquire a VPS directly from listed below You have the option to choose a subnet too.

Q. Will you change my IP if it gets blocked?

  • We do not utilize IP adjustment. You need to obtain a new VPS if IP gets blocked.

Q. My IP is blocked. I need a repayment.

  • IP blocked in your country has definitely nothing to do with the working of your VPS. It’s running charge from our end and likewise For this factor, we do not utilize any type of repayment for our VPS methods.

Q. Do I reach choose the subnet prior to getting?

  • You can pick the subnet directly from the above web link or you need to call us prior to getting a VPS and likewise we can keep in mind out a number of working subnets in Turkmenistan to choose from.

Q. What is the essential get ready for Turkmenistan working VPS?

  • 1 Cores/ 1 GB RAM/ 1TB Bandwidth/ 25 GB NVMe/ SSD/ Expense $39/ mo.

Q. Do you have any type of restraints?

  • Yes, you require to abide by all the guidelines when you are providing VPN option to people. Any type of violation will definitely trigger the suspension of VPS. Among the most popular kind of violation we have in fact gotten till presently is DMCA violation by downloading and set up from gush sites.

Q. I have in fact gone beyond the bandwidth designated to my VPS. Precisely how do I upgrade?

  • We bill $11 per 1TB of included Bandwidth.

Q. Precisely how can I call you?

  • You can call our sales group by methods of online discussion on our website or drop us a mail at [email protected]



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