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Fail2ban database disk image is malformed


Find out how to fix the fail2ban database disk image is malformed” mistake. Our Plesk Management Assistance group is here to assist you with your concerns and issues.

Fail2ban database disk image is malformed|Quick Repair

If you have actually been stumbling upon the “fail2ban database disk image is malformed” mistake message, you have actually concerned the best location.

Fail2ban database disk image is malformed | Quick Fix

This mistake reveals that there is a concern with the SQLite database utilized by fail2ban to keep its setup and restriction details. In addition, it might be because of various factors, like file system mistakes, inaccurate shutdowns, or corruption of the database file. Surprisingly this is a frequently seen mistake and our professionals have a fast repair for it.

Today, we are going to have a look at how to solve this problem:

  1. Initially, we should stop the fail2ban service with this command:

    sudo systemctl stop fail2ban

  2. Then, head to the folder where the database file lies. The default area is/ var/lib/fail2ban/ fail2ban.sqlite3.
  3. Next, we should make a backup copy of the database file with this command:

    sudo cp/ var/lib/fail2ban/ fail2ban.sqlite3/ var/lib/fail2ban/ fail2ban.sqlite3.bak

  4. After that, we need to eliminate the corrupt database file as seen listed below:

    sudo rm/ var/lib/fail2ban/ fail2ban.sqlite3

  5. Now, we need to develop a brand-new, empty database file: sudo touch/ var/lib/fail2ban/ fail2ban.sqlite3
  6. Then, set the ownership and approvals on the brand-new database file with this command:

    sudo chown root: fail2ban/ var/lib/fail2ban/ fail2ban.sqlite3

    sudo chmod 640/ var/lib/fail2ban/ fail2ban.sqlite3

  7. Lastly, we reboot the fail2ban service is dealing with the following command:

    sudo systemctl start fail2ban

Then, we can examine if fail2ban is working appropriately by examining its status by means of this command:

sudo systemctl status fail2ban

Let us understand in the remarks if you require any additional aid with the mistake message.

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In summary, our Assistance Techs revealed us how to fix the database disk image is malformed” mistake.


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